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We are committed to providing the best study opportunities

These terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) represent an agreement between the Institute (“us”, “we” or “our”) and you (“you” or “your”) for Academic period. By continuing your registration, you accept these Terms and Conditions in full. If you have any questions or concerns about these Terms and Conditions, you should contact your coordinator or Admin before completing your registration.

In addition to these Terms and Conditions, there are other regulations, policies and procedures which apply to your registration (or continuing registration) at the Institute and your Program. It is your responsibility to read those carefully as they, together with these Terms and Conditions, form the Contract between us and you.


In-house education and E-learning

TBS Academy undertakes to provide a well-structured programs of education which aims to give knowledge regarding the relevant courses. The courses shall be conducted in Sinhala, Tamil & English languages. The institute undertakes to provide fully qualified lecturers who are well experienced in relevant subjects/courses, with specific subject knowledge and a recognized lecturing qualification. The institute undertakes to provide training which is supportive of the students and the program of education. Teaching will take place in an appropriate and secure environment.


Individuals applying for admission/ Entry requirements

  1. When you apply to TBS Academy, we collect information from you directly and also from relevant third parties, including referees and education providers.
  1. This information is primarily used to assess your eligibility for admission into TBS Academy and selection for relevant course. If your application is successful, your information will be used to offer you a place in a course and to administer your acceptance or refusal of that place.
  1. You should also expect TBS Academy to use your information to:
    • Provide you with information related to your application for admission (e.g. about fees, course requirements)
    • Offer you advice and access to student services prior to your enrolment
    • Help us with marketing.
    • Invite you to participate in surveys or research.

Learning support

  1. Every lecturer, instructors & your coordinator shall support you to proceed in your academic carrier.
  2. Lecture notes (pdf/power point presentations/word documents) shall be shared by your coordinators, if you are in E-learning process.
  3. Lecture notes (hard copy) shall be distributed during lectures.


  1. Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress at all times.
  2. Students are reminded that attendance of these scheduled hours is a requirement of their certifications.
  3. Students who fail to attend 100% of scheduled hours are at risk of not meeting satisfactory course progress and/or attendance. Students who fail to attend 100% of scheduled hours during their enrolment will be affected for their certifications.
  4. Additional to the attendance requirements, students who fail to sit for exam not meeting satisfactory course progress.


Every student is responsible for his/her own behavior and to act in a manner that demonstrates self-discipline and a sense of responsibility. They are expected to

  1. Have a positive approach to their institute standards
  2. Recognize that no poor standards of behavior will be accepted
  3. Be regular in attendance and punctual
  4. Take a positive role in the academic process
  5. Co-operate with staff and coordinators
  6. Show courtesy and respect at all times towards others
  7. Develop a sense of caring for the environment & respect the environment policy
  8. Time in the institute is precious and one should take advantage of it to the maximum knowledge.
  9. Accept responsibility for your own actions.

Cancellation of studentship/ Disciplinary offences

  1. The intention is to provide adequate procedural safeguards to protect the rights of the individual student and the legitimate interests of the institute.
  2. Violations to academic honesty, misbehaving in classrooms, laboratories and all other places in the institute may be proceeding to cancellation of studentship.
  3. If anyone break the rules of the institute and show disrespect to instructors, fellow students and coordinators, then that person should be prepared to bear the consequences of his/her actions.
  4. If a student is caught cheating or about to cheat in an examination, studentship is cancelled.

Fees and terms of payments/ Bank details

Course fee should be paid as whole by online payment or online banking method or any other online transaction method for following accounts or as a cash payment to registration department of institute.

The Best Score Academy (PVT) Ltd
Commercial Bank,

Katugasthota Branch

Fee refund policy

  1. We will process any refund due to you as soon as possible and, in any case, within 14 days of the day you give notice of cancellation.
  2. Or we do not reserve the right to cancel a course once you paid the course fee.
  3. The refund will be made using the same method of payment that you originally used to make your course booking unless otherwise expressly agreed with you.
  4. If you participate one day in course you will be not able to get your paid money back.

Mode of study & duration

  1. E-Learning method’s
  1. All lectures & trainings are conducted through “ZOOM App” by lecturers, instructors & trainers
  2. All lectures are proceed until covering required hours
  1. In-house method’s
  1. All lectures are conducted in lecture halls by using multimedia support and lecturers
  2. Practical sessions are conducted in computer labs
  3. Out bound training is conducted outside of the institute & it will take whole day.

Assignments, classroom activities and examination

  1. Every individual students shall take a positive role in the academic process
  2. Every individual students shall co-operate with staff and coordinators
  3. Assignments that are assigned for you shall be submitted before deadlines. Otherwise students shall not eligible for sitting for examination.
  4. Examinations shall be carried out in online basis.
  5. Examination dates shall be informed by examination department.
  6. If a student shall not able to participate to examination, it shall be informed to examination department through your coordinator 3 days before examination. Then reset examination date shall be informed to students through coordinators.
  7. Every individual student shall face to examination. Otherwise you shall not able to participate to next lectures & practical.
  8. Final grades for course shall be submitted to students through course coordinators.
  9. The examinations shall be supervised by the examination department of institute.
  10. Examination shall represent theories, practical and course book that are given to refer.

Complaints & appeal policy (email, specific officer)

  1. Every individual student reserve same rights to have equal opportunity
  2. A student reserve rights to complaint if there any misbehaviors or negative approach to institution standards or any harassments or any uncomfortable conditions by any student registered for institute, coordinators, institute staff, lectures, instructors, trainers or any person who has connection with institute, during time period that staying in institute.
  3. The student can do their complaints to coordinators, institute staff, lectures, instructors, trainers or administrative manager directly.

Changes of program after registration & discontinuing the program

  1. If institute is unable to cover the course according to the time schedule, institute shall assure to cover them by allocating extra hours.
  2. If student is unable to cover the course through registered batch, institute will facilitates the placement for next available batch. The student shall be informed it to institute through the coordinator 2 days before next lecture of registered batch.
  3. If student is unable to cover the course through any batch, institute shall not refund the course fee.
  4. Student can only transfer 1 batch.

Applicants for career opportunities

  1. If you apply for a career opportunities at The Best Score Academy, the personal information you provide in the application process will be used to assess your suitability for the relevant position and to confirm your qualifications and/or experience.
  2. If your application is not successful, The Best Score Academy may keep your submission and related documents on file for a reasonable period and may use your information to communicate with you about other opportunities that may be of interest.

Events outside our control

We reserve the right to cancel, suspend or postpone the operations of institute if events occur which are beyond the reasonable control of institute, including fire, flood, storms, plant breakdown, strikes, lock downs, non-availability of material or suppliers or any other event outside our control.

Main Branch

NO: 132/2, Hill City Complex,
D.S Senanayake Veediya,

Phone: +94 77 666 1176